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“…Una dozzina di giornate, tutte a solatio, da tenere mezze a grano e mezze a viti. Con una riva da legna e anche un pratolino da mantenerci due pecore e una mula.”
Beppe Fenoglio – La malora

For generations or family has run a traditional farm in Montà d’Alba. We still breed Razza Piemontese cattle, we grow cereals, work in the vineyards and the field and, since 2000, we also work in the Agriturismo.

The farm covers approximately 13 hectares of our property; of these, 3 hectares are farmed with vineyards, on the gentle slopes of the hills of S.Vito which encircle our Agriturismo.

The south-east and south-west exposure, the height of 360 meters above sea level, and the clayey-sandy soil are essential for the creation of our characteristic wines.

The moderate yield per hectare and the attentive care paid to the vineyard allow us to bring perfectly healthy and ripe grapes to the cellar, and thus obtain balanced wines, with good structure and with pleasant and intense aromas.

Being recognized for our interest and attention is a source of great satisfaction for us.

Wines from our own production

Upon request, it’s possible to book a tour of our cellar and tasting our wines:

Langhe DOC Nebbiolo: this is a dry red wine made of 100% Nebbiolo grapes, which are fermented in steel tanks and aged for 12 months in steel tanks and for another 6 months in the bottle. Our vineyards are located in the Roero, an area characterized by clayey and sandy soils.
This wine is ruby red in colour, and acquires an orange hue with age; it has a bouquet of red fruits and a soft, velvety taste with a good tannic balance. It can age for 8/10 years and it is paired with red meat, game and mature cheeses. Serve at a temperature of 16/18°.

Piemonte DOC Barbera: it is the classic Piedmontese dry red wine, one of the most loved and appreciated. It is made from 100% Barbera grapes, usually harvested around mid- September; it is fermented in steel tanks and left to rest first in steel tanks for approximately 12 months and then in the bottle for another 6 months.
It has a ruby red colour with violet hues and a scent reminiscent of cherry and blackberry.
The taste is soft and fresh and this wine keeps well for 3/4 years. It is served at a temperature of 16/18° and is ideal when paired with first courses, cold cuts and fresh or medium mature cheeses.

Caio aromatic red wine: it is a particular dry rosé wine obtained from the vinification of 100% “Brachetto” grapes, a long grape variety grown in the municipality of Montà. The grapes are usually harvested around the middle of September and the must is fermented in steel tanks with cold maceration.
The wine is then left to mature for 8 months in steel tanks and bottled ready to be consumed. It has a pinkish colour, an intense scent of wild rose and a dry and sweet taste. Serve fresh, 8/10°, excellent as an aperitif, with vegetable-based appetizers or at the end of a meal with dry pastries.

Birbet: it is a partially fermented must obtained from Brachetto long-cluster grapes, typical grape variety native to Piedmont.
It is particularly well-suited to desserts, due to its low alcohol content and its typical fruity taste that pairs well with dry pastries, meliga pastries and baked goods with fresh fruit.



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